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The Leader in Realizing Wireless Dreams

Gemtek (TSE: 4906) is a world-leading provider of wireless broadband solutions from residential to business. Established in 1988 and headquartered in Taiwan, Gemtek was one of the earliest companies to develop WLAN products. Based on its expertise in areas such as RF/microwave design, 4G/LTE terminals, wireless infrastructures, multimedia STB and IP telephony, Gemtek has long since remained a pioneer and leader in the telecoms market. Moreover, the company was instrumental in the development of the LPWAN network solution and is an innovative provider of LoRa IoT end-to-end solutions. Gemtek is unequivocally devoted to helping the world realize the vast potentials of a wireless world.

By observing the basic concepts of product development from a customer's standpoint, Gemtek has dedicated an extensive amount of engineering resources and financial investments in its research and development sector. Furthermore, Gemtek has also established a powerful global engineering network, aiming to provide positive and speedy responses to its clients worldwide. With its R&D center in Taiwan and technical support teams and factories located in the United States, Europe and China, Gemtek aspires to deliver top-notch services and up-to-the -minute products. Gemtek endeavors to promote advanced researches on new technology with future potential and to produce products that adapt to the needs of the marketplace in a timely manner.

Gemtek's quality assurance process has been duly certified and complies with the ISO-14001/ISO-9001standard, together with OHSAS 18001 to form one effective integrated management system. Gemtek’s primary responsibility is to continually offer high quality and functions as well as customer oriented solutions. If your company is looking for a Wireless Broadband total solutions provider, look no further - You've found the right partner.

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