GIoT, Green IoT, the world’s first LPWAN IoT total solution provider

GIoT, the Green IoT created by Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd., is the world’s leading long range, low-power wide area network (LPWAN) IoT total solution provider. GIoT has established carrier-grade branding recognition and devotes herself to designing products in the aspect of system application. GIoT’s innovative solution combines proven, mature carrier/enterprise application with service-oriented architecture and event-driven capabilities.

GIoT endeavors in establishing a broad spectrum of premium IoT services by undertaking cutting-edge approaches in IoT hardware devices, gateways, software application, and cloud systems. Globally, LPWAN networks have proven to be the one of the most efficient technologies to support the needs and demands of IoT solutions due to its effectiveness in cost, power consumption and ability to provide wider coverage.

LoRa as one of LPWAN technologies provides a lower cost connectivity solution with broad coverage and lower energy consumption. It is an environmental friendly and advanced, standardized technology backed by LoRa Alliance and several global telecom companies, designed to suit the demands of IoT applications and services today and into the future.

The readily available GIoT LoRa system solution, which is composed of End Nodes, Concentrate Gateways, Data Routing, Cloud Systems, and Software Applications, is now offered to enterprises and service providers who also have access to ready-made IoT applications and services for Smart City, Smart Environment, Smart Industry, and Smart Metering solutions.

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