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PIR & Occupancy Sensor

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  • EU, US, and Asia frequency support
  • LoRaWAN 1.1
  • Dual Passive Infrared detectors and Fresnel Lens
  • 7m detection distance

The Tabs occupancy or motion sensor detects occupancy or motion in homes for buildings for security purposes. The sensor can also be utilized in facility management systems to optimize facility usage or cleaning for desks, conference rooms, bathrooms, etc.

Frequency868MHz & 915MHz
RF TX power+19dBm (Conducted)
Antenna Gain-2dBi Peak, -5dBi Avg
RF Sensitivity-140dBm (Conducted)
Battery Type½ AA Li-SOCl2, 1200mAh
Battery Lifetime*4 years
Average Current*135mA maximum/ 5uA minimum
ProtocolLoRaWAN 1.1
Operation Temperature-20 to 50°C
Environmental RatingIP50 equivalent
Dimensions50mm x 20mm x 50mm
without wall mount
Weight30g without battery
40g with battery
Detection Angle123°H x 93°V
Detection Distance7 meters