GIoT Cloud

Gemtek GIoT Cloud is established upon the LoRaWAN specification and provides a unique integrated architecture with compliant interface capabilities that can be vastly employed in a larger network deployment. The core of GIoT Cloud System is the critical cross functions of gCloud Data Routing System and gNMS Network Management System. GIoT Cloud System is a complete and scalable architecture and is already in commercial use in numerous deployments.

gCloud Data Routing

The gCloud Data Routing System, known as the LoRa Network Server, is one of the cores of GIoT Cloud System. LoRa gateways are connected to the gCloud via standard and secured IP connections. The gCloud manages the end-node device messages received by LoRa Gateways and dispatches raw data to the customer’s application system, and vice versa. The gCloud works to process messages, manage raw data for both uplink and downlink management and deliver acknowledgements via commands when necessary.

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The gCloud Data Routing System provides:

  • Customer account management
  • Message queue for customer application server management
  • Routing rules from end-node device to application server
  • Downlink scheduling and management
  • Customer end-nodes management with latest 50 historical messages display by gConsole portal
  • Network planning and initial deployment supported by gNetPro deployment tool

gNMS Network Management System

The gNMS, a comprehensive network management platform that allows the network operator to control, configure and monitor their deployed LoRa gateways. The gNMS is a robust, scalable, carrier-grade and cost-effective network management system offering feature-rich functionalities, including fault management, configuration management, security management, performance management and online status monitoring.

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In addition, with zero-touch provisioning mechanism, the network operator can reduce the deployment and operational costs while scaling up their LoRa network. This is particularly useful for not only managing the initial configuration of LoRa gateways, but also establishing secured connectivity and assigning working channel and transmission power and time to meet local regulation. It significantly reduces the complexity of installing LoRa gateways, and enables quick and easy service turn-up.

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  • Full compliance to TR-069 and MQTT standards
  • Auto-provisioning and auto-configuration
  • Centralized and remote management
  • Status and performance monitoring
  • Administrator group management
  • Global Map for gateway location
  • Firmware image management
  • Gateway category management
  • Statistic Analysis and Report
  • Automatic self-diagnostics
  • Dashboard and Widget
  • Event alarm and Notify
  • Real-time monitoring
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