GIoT Deployment

The primary operation for LoRa network deployment is to identify and select optimal locations to set up LoRa Gateway sites. Preferable locations typically have a higher elevation and are capable of providing coverage to the greatest number of locations for LoRa devices/nodes.
gNetPro, the Deployment Planning System, is specially designed with LPWAN RF characteristics and propagation model to provide details about the coverage area, signal strength, frequency use, and antenna placement. All of these deliverables and the related documentation are instrumental in ensuring the initial success of the network deployment.

  • Coverage simulation and analysis
  • Preferred LPWAN AP/Gateway location
  • Detailed field test results

gNetPro Deployment Steps Flow

With gNetProbe nodes on site to facilitate coverage tests, the gNetPro Deployment Planning System is able to display Real-time test results and deployment analysis to help strengthen the principle quality of a LoRa network.

Real-time Test Result

  • Test route/location
  • Hit rate
  • Signal quality

Deployment Analysis

  • Signal coverage, single or overlap
  • Blind spots and supplement suggestions
  • Customized signal model optimization